501(c)3 Nonprofit Status Approval

Cadèmia Siciliana is proud to announce that the American Tax Collection agency the IRS has approved our designation as a non-profit tax deductible organisation. Although operating across many borders in communities across the globe, Cadèmia’s corporate entity is located in the United States. Primarily to take advantage of certain benefits available for United States non-profits that are not available to other areas. This change of tax-status qualifies us for free or low cost services, software, and allows our members to deduct their donations.

Although funding is currently dedicated 100% to programmes we will also be creating an Sicily based APS in the future to allow for our members within Italy to do the same. However, unfortunately the APS structure does not allow for many of the same benefits as the American 501(c)3 structure.

If you require a donation receipt please contact us directly, or check your paypal history. Thank you for your continued support.