Great updates on our progress


What an incredible week we’ve had at the Cadèmia. This week over 50,000 more people know about our mission than last week. 7,585 engaged with our posts, and 422 people liked our page. Cadèmia Siciliana has now passed 1,000 likes.

•We’ve received support from a number of academics, non-profit groups, facebook groups, internet personalities.
•Cristina Greco, a PhD Student with experience at the CSFLS has agreed to chair our standardisation committee.
•A draft orthographical standard has been presented to the Standardisation Committee.
•We’ve passed a number of resolutions concerning linguistic issues.
•We’ve created local chapters in several countries, regions and cities. We hope to watch them grow.
•Our new forum has been launched and now has reached 25 members.

We did this all with only $150, we got too busy to do our fundraiser!

Special thanks to a number of people who helped us this week. Including the core team of volunteers: (see tagged) , Rolf Weimar from Steve the vagabond and silly linguistFrancesco Salvadore and Unavantaluna who made us a lovely video we’re saving for the fundraiser, our supporting members who made donations and all of you for supporting us and our mission.

We’re so lucky to have such a beautiful language that has brought us all together as a global family. Few languages are as lucky as we are to have so many committed people in so many continents working to save it.

Here’s the tagged list:  Thanks guys!

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