Sicilian has landed on Gboard, Google’s keyboard for Android

Screenshot of Changelog for Gboard

The input that the Cadèmia Siciliana has provided to the team that deals with Gboard within Google has led the Mountain View company to make an update of the greatest importance for the preservation of Italian minority languages. Indeed, through the update of Gboard, Sicilian has finally landed on Android! In addition to that, not only Sicilian, but also other Italian regional and minority languages in danger of extinction have been included. To get the new version of the keyboard with autocomplete in Sicilian Gboard go to the Play Store from your Android smartphone and upgrade to the latest version (alternatively follow this link). Unfortunately, at the moment the Sicilian on Gboard is only available for Android, but we hope to collaborate soon with Apple to get it implemented on the iPhone. Obviously there are still things to be improved, however, we promise that we will do our best to work with Google to try to help you make the most of Sicilian on your smartphone – especially the introduction of our beloved letter ḍ which we need so much

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