Sicilian Language included in YouTube

With help from the The Endangered Languages Project and Google, Sicilian language has been successfully added as an option for YouTube videos! Video producers can now properly tag their videos as being in Sicilian, and may also now create subtitles for Italian or other language users. We requested this feature because we ourselves were having difficulties. We found that not only was it hard to identify videos in Sicilian language for our corpus collection projects, but also that it is particularly difficult to provide subtitles to viewer in a variety of languages.

If you too would like to update your videos’ language to Sicilian, use the following steps:

Under your video’s screen go to Info and Settings

Click Advanced settings

Select Language and type in “Sicilian”.


Under the subtitles screen you will also see the ability to add Sicilian now.

This post is also available in: itItaliano (Italian)