Orthography Standardisation

The 2017 Orthography Proposal is now published.

Proposta di normalizzazione ortografica comune della lingua siciliana – 2017 (Italian)

Cadèmia Siciliana produces an annual orthographical proposal. As all standardisation projects create a wide range of questions, curiosity and concerns, we invite you to take a look at the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Each year the Orthography Working Group gathers proposals, conducts research and seeks consensus on orthographical issues. Those proposals which reach 2/3 or higher agreement by the entire working group eventually go into the years working proposal. The Working group submits the outputs of their work to the Orthography and Standardisation Committee which has the responsibility of seeking internal and outside feedback on the proposals and providing supplementary information to the working group. If no changes are required the committee passes the proposal, if not it is re-submitted to the working group for revision. The final approved orthography is then adopted, translated and submitted for formal peer review.

Annual Orthography Process

  1. Working Group nominates and accepts new members
  2. Working Group gathers proposals from membership
  3. Working Group researches, discusses and votes on proposals
  4. Proposals which receive 2/3 or higher support shall be included in the years’ revision
  5. Working Group votes to submit the final document to the Committee
  6. Committee reviews Working Group outputs
  7. Committee submits for private feedback from Associated Members, and selected experts
  8. Committee reviews feedback
  9. Committee votes to return the proposal to the Working Group or adoption.
  10. Committee adopts Standard for internal use, public feedback and publication
  11. The Standard is translated
  12. The Standard is published for peer review
  13. Committee reviews peer review
  14. Committee reviews public feedback
  15. Committee submits feedbacks to the Working Group for next year’s revision

Individuals desiring to serve on the Working Group, or the Committee should complete the following form. It is suggested that prior to applying individuals should engage in discussions on the forum, facebook groups and familiarise themselves with the community. As the process is consensus driven and highly collaborative the ability to work in a team is as valuable as a deep and thorough understanding of Sicilian linguistics.


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