Sicilian Language Keyboard Layouts for Microsoft Windows

iḍdu va, iḍḍu veni...

For Windows

After consulting with some experts we’ve made three keyboard layouts for Sicilian language input.

Sicilian keyboard layout screenshot

Sicilian Keyboard Layout v1.1

Notes: The Sicilian only layout is designed only for Sicilian input. It it does suitable for Italian or other languages, but includes a complete inventory of contemporary and archaic sicilian letters and diacritics. It’s very quick and simple to use for Sicilian only input.

Italian-International Layout 1.1(available for testing)

Notes: After working with our community we realised that the US International Keyboard is a luxury not all users have. We’ve created an Italian alternative which allows input of almost all Western European diacritics and special characters. Including the characters necessary to write all Latin script Italian regional and minority languages. Including but not limited to the characters necessary for: Italian, Sicilian, Neapolitan, Ligurian, Lombard, Friulian, German, French, Slovenian, Gallo-Italic of Sicily, Arbërisht, Sardinian, Piedmontese and many more!

US International Layout with Sicilian Support v1.1

Notes: Adds support to accent d with ‘ for ḍ, d with ” for đ, ^ with s for š, altgr+x for χ. In future versions we’ll take your feedback and add additional letters. US International layout already supports the rest of the Sicilian alphabet and many other languages as well.

US International Layout with Sicilian Support v1.4

Notes: Version 1.2 and later add Complete CSFLS descriptive inventory, Siculo-Arabic characters, Gallo-Italic special characters and some Sicilian IPA options.


Unzip the included file, and within the folder you you’ll find a setup.exe file. This will allow you to install the keyboard layout. Keep the installation folder handy as you will require the MSI file if you want to uninstall the keyboard layout.

Once installed you can easily switch between Sicilian and whatever other languages you type with!

Windows 8.1 Keyboard Layout Selector

Guide to the installation and the usage of the Sicilian keyboard available here (Italian).

For Android

Our package uses the AnySoftKeyboard Application, once installed download and install this package to enable Sicilian support.

SwiftKey: This application supports Sicilian, but does not have ḍ and other diacritics yet. Please contact them to help correct their implementation!

For iOS

The SwiftKey Application supports Sicilian, but does not have ḍ and other diacritics yet. Please contact them to help correct their implementation!

For Linux

Our layouts have been submitted for inclusion and are currently being considered, we’ll update you when they are accepted!