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Cadèmia Siciliana offers several forms of Membership. To apply please fill out the membership application, or the Italian version.

General Membership

Free to all, help by showing your support for the Cadèmia, following our progress and volunteer to support our mission.

Supporting Membership

All donating members will automatically become supporting members for one year. Contributors to the Patreon also qualify for Supporting Membership status. Privileges include being listed on the website, future premium content and swag.

Student Membership

Students actively enrolled in institutes of learning qualify for discounted access to premium content.

Academic Membership

Teachers, Professors and Researchers should share their academic affiliation so that they can be listed as Academic members and be identified with projects that match their special skills.

Selected Membership

Paul Rausch, Co-Founder. Entrepreneur and Linguist

Salvatore M. Baiamonte, Co-Founder. Linguistics Student and Sicilian Blogger

Cristina Greco, MA, PhD Research Student at the Centre for Forensic Linguistics, Aston University

Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia, PhD. Co-Director of the Italian Language Program, University of Pennsylvania

Renato Mancuso, PhD, Assistant Professor, Boston University

Alfonso Campisi, PhD. Professor, Université de la Manouba

Angela Zagarella, PhD. Italian Language and Culture Senior Instructor, Portland State University


Salvatore Giuffré, MA, PhD Student, Assistant Lecturer, University of Malta

Matthew Tornatore, PhD, Professor, Truman State University

Goffredo Polizzi, PhD Student, University of Warwick

Angelo F. Coniglio, Retired Adjunct Professor

Keri Savoca, MA, MFA, Co-Founder. Language Educator

Jacob Martino, MA. Language Educator

Patrick Pregiato, Language Educator

Giuseppe Celardi, MD, Archeology Student

Drake Sansone, Sicilian-American Community Leader

Francesco Salvadore, Musician, Unavantaluna

Giuseppe Delfino, Language Activist and Polyglot

Carlo Mattia Scalisi, Sicilian Language Researcher

Martin Hasani-Di Maggio,  Arbëresh Language Researcher and Activist, SOAS University of London

Karl Farrugia, Student, Maltese Adviser

Riccardo Amedeo, Student, University of Trieste

Louisa Calio, poet, writer

Rosario Sciangola, author, “Il siciliano. Dizionario etimologico

Gaetano Mazza, Nurse Doctor

Peppe Voltarelli, Actor, Musician

Eva Cristo, Musician


Paolo Coluzzi, PhD. Senior Lecturer at University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur)

Marc John Randazza, PA, Managing Partner at Randazza Legal Group

Emanuele Miola, PhD, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca


Members wishing to be listed on the website should complete the following form.

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