How to add Sicilian to your Facebook languages

Facebook has recently added Sicilian language to its list of supported posting languages! What does that mean? It means that Facebook will now allow you to make posts marked as being written in Sicilian. At Cadèmia Siciliana we often release posts in English, Italian, and Sicilian. If your Facebook has Sicilian as an option it will automatically show our posts in Sicilian.

Here’s how to do it!

Go to the setting menu in your facebook:

On the left you’ll see language:

Under languages you understand, add Sicilianu!

When you go to post just change the language to Sicilian 🙂

If you just want to post in Sicilian, you can do so by turning on “turn on posts in multiple languages”. But that won’t allow you to see other Sicilian posts!

This post is also available in: itItaliano (Italian)